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Skyline Laughs

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Wir könnten nicht aufgeregter sein, Hamburgs erste und einzige Comedy-Show auf Englisch zu starten, also lassen Sie unser Burning Mic die Bühne in Brand setzen und Sie mit der Hitze der Witze, die unsere Comedians Ihnen auf unserer Bühne erzählen werden, zum Brennen bringen.

Embark on a weekly comedic odyssey that promises to elevate your Saturdays to a whole new level! Picture this: the vibrant energy of a bustling city, the cozy ambiance of a&o Hostel, and the added allure of being on the 9th-floor Sky Bar, where the laughter echoes against the stunning Hamburg skyline. Every Saturday, we invite you to join us for a stand-up comedy show that's not just an event—it's an experience that takes humor to new heights. The 9th floor becomes a stage for some of the city's funniest comedians, delivering punchlines that soar as high as the panoramic views around you. It's not just about the laughs; it's about reaching comedic altitudes you never thought possible.

The 9th-floor Sky Bar transforms into a laughter haven, where jokes reach the peaks of hilarity and the atmosphere is as light as the clouds outside. This isn't your average comedy night; it's a comedy ascent, a journey through humor that parallels the ascent to the top of the city. So, gather your friends, book your spot, and prepare for a night where the only thing higher than the skyline is the level of amusement.

Hamburg, get ready to laugh your way to the top, one joke at a time, every Saturday! The Sky Bar offer you not only a deal on the drinks with hapy hour from half an hour before the show and hour after the show, but also, they have snacks, pizza and sandwiches offered, so you could just come for comedy, but end of having a ppizza and some delicious cocktails even after the show.



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A&O Hostel Hamburg City
Spaldingstraße 160
20097 Hamburg - Hammerbrook
Termine: A&O Hostel Hamburg City, Hamburg

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