Tony Hudspeth

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Tony Hudspeth

Tony Hudspeth
Awesome! One man rocks the stage alone with a worn-out Stratocaster and the show quickly evolves into a work of art. The guitarist, singer and songwriter Tony Hudspeth lets his Fender scream, adding a riff played with a cordless drill, laughing, singing, joking and having endless fun. The crowd explodes. Whether rock festival, club or congress: Tony Hudspeth loves the show and good honest music. Blues, rock, pop, funk, soul and country form an irresistible combination of covers and original material.
Originally from Colchester in the south of England, guitar virtuoso Tony Hudspeth can now look back on thousands of appearances, including playing support for Walter Trout and the world-class guitarist Carl Verheyen, who has recorded with the likes of Supertramp, BB King or John Fogerty. Tony Hudspeth knows how to swing the musical hammer!



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Broderick Elmshorn
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